Agile Grid  Introduction

Author:fourbroad (fourbroad@gmail.com)


1. Introduction

Agile Grid is a new implement of table control based on the Eclipse SWT. You can implement various complex electronic table with agile grid. Agile grid's design results from many references to the TableViewer of Eclipse JFace and pay attention to the design of agility and extendability especially. According to the requirement of some application, programmers can customize the layout, rendering, cell editor and keybord's navigation of agile grid. The main features as follow:
  1. Different cells may have different rendering style. Agile Grid provides some of rendering class such as TextCellRenderer, HeaderCellRenderer, ButtonCellRenderer, CheckboxCellRenderer etc. Programmer can implement more individualizing rendering class by implementing the interface ICellRenderer.
  2. According to the cell content, Agile grid can provides appropriate editor,  for examples  editing  text with  TextCellEditor,  providing a series of valid value for selecting with ComboBoxCellEditor, making a boolean choice with CheckboxCellEditor,  using  DialogCellEditor to provide more complex and  intuitionistic editing manner. Programmer can implement more individualizing editing class by extending the abstract class CellEditor.
  3. A smart tool bar can be shown in the indicated cell, so that cell can support multi cell editor.
  4. A cell may span over several rows and/or columns.
  5. Agile Grid has a left header and a top header, the left header indicates row number, the top header indicates column number, which style and label can be customized. The left and top header can be hidden or visible individually.
  6. The indicated row or column can be froze, which still keep visible at all times when scrolling other rows or columns.
  7. The grid line can be shown or hidden.
Agile Grid is a open source project,  please visit the project through : http://sourceforge.net/projects/agilegrid/, Any feedbacks are welcome by the author :  Sihong Zhu (fourbroad@gmail.com)

2. Samples

Sortable column.

Figure 1.  Sorting by column ( except for the columns which has incorporated cell )

Scalable Column

Figure 2 Scalable column width according the size of window.

Popup Cell Editor.

Figure 3 Cell editor with smart tool bar shown on the bottom of cell editor.

Popup Cell Editor.

Figure 4
Cell editor with smart tool bar shown on the bottom of cell editor.

The Validator of Cell Editor.

Figure 5 Validator for cell editor.

Weekly Plan

Figure 3  A complex table -- double weekly plan

3 Acquiring and installation.

Agile Grid is published by pluging of eclipse, installation in eclipse RCP 3.4 as following step:

1) Click menu “Help -> Software Updates...” in the window of Eclipse RCP 3.4, pop up the dialog "Software Updates and Add-ons" as below :

 Software Update

2) Click button “Add Site...”, popup fllowing dialog, input “ http://agilegrid.sourceforge.net/agilegrid/updatesite/ ” in the location text control, then press "OK" button.

Add Site

3) The agile grid update site will be shown in the '"oftware Updates and Add-ons" dialog, clicking the site will show the new features of agile grid, please select it and press button "Install...", following the indication to install the eclipse plugin of agile grid, and restart eclipse.

Software Update

4) Click menu “Window -> Show View -> Other...” in the window of Eclipse RCP 3.4, pop up the dialog "Show View" as below. expand the "General" node of tree and select "Agile Grid View" node of tree, then press button "OK", the view of "Agile Grid View” will be shown.
Show View

5) Users can experiences the various features of the Agile Grid in the view of   “Agile Grid View”,  or implements new eclipse plugin or application based on the Agile Grid.

Agile Grid View